Hey Gorgeous!  

How are you?  So grateful to have you here.

My name is Melanie and I’m a Qoya Teacher, Kinesiologist, EFT (Tapping) Practitoner and a Health Coach based in London. I’m passionate about supporting you to reach your health and wellness goals and empowering and motivating you to reach your life goals using Kinesiology and Health Coaching.

I work via Skype/FaceTime so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home and I run a monthly Qoya class, check out the events page if you’d like to try a class.

If you like to know how I can support you to make changes in your health, wellness and life please don’t hesitate to get in contact by completing this form and we could arrange for a 15-20 minute no obligation chat so that you can get to know me a bit better and find out if we’re a good fit.

Should you have any questions about Kinesiology or Health Coaching or you’d like to book an appointment please  complete this form.  Thank you

If you’d like to get to know me a little better why not check out my most recent blog posts or sign up here to my monthly movement ritual email.  Where I will send you a video each month, with a different theme.  Movement is a chance for us to get out of our bodies and into our heads and really feel into our bodies, connecting to a deep wisdom within.