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My name is Melanie Murphy and for many years I solely concentrated on Kinesiology and supported many people who came to me with various physical ailments but in 2011 I was going through a bad patch, maybe it was post natal depression...I didn't know.  But what I did know is that I wasn't happy, I had been interested in health for many years and I decided to trial eating 100% raw food for 30 days.  At first it was so challenging, nothing but raw fruit, veggies and a few nuts thrown in for good measure WTF, I must have been crazy.  ButI did it, I completed 30 days without anything cooked and felt great but knew it wasn't sustainable.  Many years previous I had studied Diet & Nutrition but I wanted to understand more about diet, about why we make the food choices that we do and about all of the various types of diets that are available to us, so I studied with Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) I learned so much and I began to understand more and more about how I ticked, why I made the food choices that I was making and I started to change not only how I ate but also how I was living my life.  On that journey , I found Qoya and my love, gratitude and respect for Fire and for Fire Ceremonies.  Read here to find out more about that journey.  I then studied Classical EFT, became a Master Practioner in Energy EFT and I am now studying to be a Priestess Healer.

It's been a journey and there is so much more to life has done a 360 since starting my Qoya journey.  It has been a rollercoaster, but I wouldn't change it for the world.  I am grateful for everything that IS and ISN'T in my life.

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Priestess Healer, in training

Energy EFT, 2017

EFT (Classical), 2016

Qoya Teacher, 2015

Reiki Level 2, 2015

Board Certified Health Coach - IIN, 2013

Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (Diploma), 2003

Academy of Systematic Kinesiology (Certificate), 2002

ITEC Diet & Nutrition

ITEC Anatomy & Physiology

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