Dancing into the light

So far 2015 has been full of ups and downs, two of the highlights of this year happened in April and the other is happening this week as I'm going to New York on Wednesday to the Qoya training and to spend time with friends that I've met through Qoya. I feel so blessed to have finally found something that I'm passionate about and the Qoya community is a beautiful community of heartfelt women that I feel privileged to be a part of it.

For a very, very long time I have been doing a job that I was never passionate about, but I didn't want to get a promotion because for many years I had been in survival mode so I wasn't in a position to think about what I wanted to do with my life and then when I was in a position I realised that nothing in the finance industry would give me any joy.

Earlier this year whilst speaking to my mentor I told her that I loved dancing and she said dance, dance every day.  I didn't quite understand what this had to do with my business but I did it anyway and then one day I was looking at Rebecca Campbells blog and I saw a photo of women who looked like they were dancing but there were yoga mats on the floor.  This caught my attention and when I read the post and found out they were doing something called Qoya.  I had never heard of it before so I looked into it.

Dancing lights me up


Something about Qoya drew me in, it called to me and I knew that I needed to learn how to teach it. This did not make sense in any way, I had never tried a class, seen a class or heard anything about it yet  BUT I knew I needed to teach it. So within a few months of reading that blog post I was on a plane to Costa Rica. I did my first class and started training to teach it on the same day.





There were so many mind blowing things about that week such as having the opportunity to focus on me so that I could regenerate, great food, beautiful retreat centre called the Blue Spirit, swimming in the sea whilst watching the sun go down, great conversations, tears, laughter, dancing every single day, hugs, support and lots of fun.

Can you imagine being in a place with 26 women for a week and not hearing one negative comment, not feeling like I was being judged and feeling more supported than I ever felt in my life without any one having to say a word.


The thing about Qoya that totally rocked my world were the words, "It doesn't matter what it looks like. The only thing that matters is that it feels good"

Have you seen the film Jerry Maguire? When Renee Zellweger’s character said, "You had me at Hello" I felt like that when I heard that I could dance how the hell I wanted.

Dancing like nobodies watching

Imagine that!!!!

No one to tell me that I'm doing it wrong, I didn't have to think about feeling self conscious because I can't do the steps and most of all the only thing I needed to worry about was feeling good.

Even before I had finished my first class I knew in my soul that I was in the right place.

I have always loved to dance, I wanted to teach aerobic for many years but was scared I wouldn’t be able to remember the steps or create a class, I wanted to be a dancer but I was never any good at following choreography. I wanted to be able to dance so much that I found it so frustrating that I just couldn't get the steps right so I stopped going.

I realise now that what I craved had not been created at that time or maybe something similar had been but I wasn't in the right space to be open to it.

What can you do today that lights you up?

  1. Dance like nobodies watching
  2. Sing at Karaoke
  3. Go for a walk in nature
  4. Watch your favourite movie
  5. Buy yourself some beautiful flowers
  6. Get a tattoo
  7. Meet your friends
  8. Learn how to skateboard
  9. Swim in the ocean
  10. Do something you've always wanted to do

I have been following what lights me up and creating Qoya classes in East London since April and if you'd like to check out my upcoming events please click here

She decided to free herself, dance into the wild, create a new language.  And birds fluttered around her, writing “yes” into the sky. Monique Duval


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