What is the first thing that they tell you to do if you’re in a plane and it’s in trouble? Put your oxygen mask on.

I used to think that this was strange, as my immediate reaction would be to get an oxygen mask on my son but when I thought about it, I wouldn't be able to help him or anyone else for that matter if I couldn't can’t breath.  

Oxygen mask

It’s the same principle with self-care, you need space to breath, to spend time with you doing things that you love.  If you don’t look  after you, it’s extremely difficult to be the best version of yourself.  

Self love

Good self care can give you the energy and the life fuel to be the best version of yourself and live the life that you deserve.

12 simple ways to incorporate self-care

BREATH - deep breaths whilst relaxing, meditating, doing yoga etc

INCREASE YOUR GREENS - add a green smoothie or a salad into your diet daily.  Greens contains so many wonderful vitamins, minerals, can help alkalise your body, prevent inflammation and lots of other lovely things.

EAT HEALTHY – focusing on the 80:20 rule, basically 80% of your diet is made up of healthy food and drinks and 20% for the weekend/days you just feel like having some chocolate or whatever else floats your boat.   Usually diets which are 100% all or nothing fail in the long run, when you're restricting yourself in any way, your coming from a place of lack and will eventually go back to eating what you ate before and go back to the same weight or become heavier than you were when you started.

TAKE REGULAR BREAKS – unless your day is just one long break, then ignore this one ; )

SAY NO - it's so empowering to say NO sometimes.  There are some things that people want you to do that just aren't right for you.  Maybe you've had a long week and saying yes to one more thing could make you so run down that you're house bound for a week, or you're spending your time doing something you don't enjoy and end up getting in an argument with the person you're helping because you weren't putting your needs first.  There are many, many reasons to consider when saying no. If you're asked to do something and you've had a good think and you choose to say YES, you may find that you actually enjoy it more because you won't feel resentful as you had a choice.  You decided to help, so you have claimed you're power rather than giving it to someone else.

MOVE YOUR BODY –  go for a walk, run, swim anything to get you're body moving, even if you put on a song that you love and jump around your house like nobody is watching.  Check out my VIDEO of me doing exactly that and maybe join me the next time #WakeUpandMove

WALK IN NATURE - Nature always has something to offer you whatever the season.  Take the time to breath, look at all of the beautiful colours, touch the grass and trees, look up at the birds, the sky, the clouds.  There's so much to see when we start to pay attention.

AVOID COMPARISONITIS (com-pari-son-itis) – stop comparing yourself to others, if you follow someone and you love what they do, how they dress, their business, where they travel, their life....use this as inspiration rather than comparing your life to theirs and getting nothing done.

Journalling - You could write about anything, if you're stuck just simply write a list of 10 things that you're grateful for on that day.  Aim for 10 things but if you can only think of 3 write them down and aim for 10 the next day.  The Artist Way by Julia Cameron is a great book about journalling.  

The Artist's Way: A Course in Discovering and Recovering Your Creative Self

GRATITUDE - for the things that have happened in your life and even giving gratitude for the things that haven't happened yet BUT give gratitude as if they have already happened.  Miracles can happen. Why?  By focusing on whats good in your life, that is what you will get.  There's a saying where focus goes, energy flows.  So if you think about good things, good things will come.  But if focus on bad things, that is what you'll get and even if something positive happened would you notice it, if all you ever talked and thought about were the bad things that are happening to you.

SPEND TIME WITH SUPPORTIVE PEOPLE - people who nourish you and support you.  Some people just can't seem to help it and are negative ALL of the time, those are the people you want to avoid because they drag you down to their level.

TAKE TIME OUT DEDICATED TO YOU - read a book, watch a movie, have a bath, see some friends or spend time doing something you love and that fills you up.  That may seem like quite a few things to do but you don’t have to be doing all of these every day, just take one step at a time but be consistent.  As with anything new, it is so easy to fall off the wagon.

Why not schedule in non-negotiable "YOU" time, doing something you love.  You schedule in friends, family, meetings etc, would you consider cancelling one of those appointments because you hadn't quite done everything you had planned to do that day or the day before?  I'm guessing the answer is NO but when put aside some time just for us we can sometimes end up putting on the back burner as something has come up, that you have to do right there and then.  You are worth it and you deserve you undivided love and attention.

I know you may be thinking that it's Christmas and you don't want to start adding extra stress into this time of year, you'll start it in the New Year.  

Is there ever a good time????? NO

SO, NOW is the perfect time to make a change, to be honest now is a fantastic time to make those changes.


Because during Christmas we spend less time on ourselves because on top of all the other things we need to do on a daily basis we have to find time to buy Christmas presents, think about the meal, possibly lack of money and everything else that comes with Christmas.

By practicing self care over this period of time it could help you brush off the stress because you will be in a better place.  


But, if you find that you just can't manage to make the changes now, that's ok too.  This is not about adding more stress to your life it's about reducing it.  So if you'd prefer to start on 1st January or any other day of the year that's also fine.  You will know when the best time for you is.

If you decided to make these changes as a New Years resolution, just watch around the the 17th January, as it is the most common day of the year that people "Ditch their New Years Resolution" why not check out my  blog post to help you get past that slump.

Make it FUN and get started NOW

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