If you planted a field of tulips, would you wonder why roses didn't grow?

OK, OK the title of this is a little silly......but so many people do the same thing day in and day out and wonder they aren't where they want to be in life. :( 20140102-004648.jpg Change can be  scary,  many people do not  like change. We build it up so much in our heads, procrastinate about it, we think about it and think about it some more until we either do it and feel shocked at how it easy it was or how silly we were to avoid doing it or we don't do it at all and spend the rest of our lives regretting it.

My son Sean is now 3 and I'm sure many of you parents out there can relate to how we build things up in our heads, about how difficult or awful something is going to be such as putting them in their own room, stopping their night time feed etc etc and when the time comes they take the change in their stride and absolutely nothing happens, not even a squeak.   Or maybe there is a squeak and lots of crying but once we get through it we can enjoy all of the benefits that come.   We realise that the most difficult thing was all of the time and energy we wasted thinking about that dreaded thing rather than actually doing it.

Worrying about change can occur  in any  aspect of our life.   Had you been thinking about quitting your job for years and the consequences of that only to find that the moment you quit your job the right job was right around the corner or you were worried about leaving your home town because you'll miss your family and friends only to find that your journey was so full of fun, new experiences that you didn't have time to miss your friends and family and after all there is Skype, FaceTime and so many other ways of keeping in contact.

What a waste of our time and energy worrying about that may never happen.   All of this worry can manifest itself as weight gain, skin issues, despression, disease plus many more.

Are you so content with your life that you are happy to continue on this path forever and a day?

If yes, that's amazing, I'm happy for you but generally the answer is NO. Is there something/everything going on in your life that is not quite the way you want it to be?

Well nows the time to make things happen. "Now's not a good time." I hear you say, well if it isn't now when is a good time?

There is never going to be a perfect situation to make that change and you may not know the how's and the why's of where your going or what you want but until you start on the path of change you never will, so it might as well be now.

20140102-012137.jpg In 2013, I changed things up. This time last year, I had no idea where I was going with my life, had many debts (still do, but they're coming down), I was doing things I didn't enjoy and had no plans for the future. Yes, I have a lovely husband and a beautiful son and they mean everything to me but I couldn't give them everything I should give because I was stuck in this dark unhappy place and found it difficult to get out.

Forward one year, I have.....

* Lost 28lbs : )

20140102-025255.jpg * Studied and qualified to be a Holistic Health Coach at The Institute of Intergrative Nutrition  (IIN) * Traveled to New York to attend a Seminar where I heard many great speakers such as Dr Weil, Joe Cross (Sick,   Fat and Nearly Dead), Donna Gates, Alicia Silverstone and many more. * Helped wonderful women like yourself, to take control of their bodies and life * Trained and completed 3 triathlons (wasn't doing any sport until February 2013) * Changed my diet drastically without dieting and without deprivation. * Increased my Kinesiology client base * Found a joy for life : )

This time last year I didn't know what I wanted to do but I did know that I was ready to get out of that hole. IIN  fell into my lap, I had never heard of it  but I knew it was something that I had to do.   The course has changed me so much, in every aspect of my life.    I am really appreciative of all of the experiences that I've had this year.

It hasn't been easy and there any things that haven't turned out as I'd hoped,  there have been times when I have been tired and I just couldn't be bothered to be training for a triathlon, studying etc along with the many other things that's I'm doing in life.    BUT if you want it, you have to grab it, no-one else is going to to do it for you.

I'm not waiting for life to dish out what it has for me. Myself and my family are making the opportunities to ensure that we have the best life we can.

20140102-022142.jpg I am currently working on a vision board and my goals so that I can manifest a wonderful present and future for my family and I.

What changes could you make today that will start the ball rolling to create the future you need, want and deserve?

Trusting the process of life

Triathlons and Transformation