Raw food diet 30 day trial - Day 5

I am now in day 5 and I know I wouldn't have got this far if I wasn't writing this blog. Most days I have cravings but some days are stronger than others.

One thing I've realised is that I need to make sure I eat before I get hungry because that's when the craving start. But Sean keeps me pretty busy so I find it's a little difficult to make myself food before I get the hunger pangs. Whilst he's eating I have a little bit of time to prepare some food for myself but by this time it's usually too late...I'm hungry. When your hungry it's really hard to stay focused and motivated to keep going on this trial or on anything for that matter. Which I guess is one of the reasons that I'm doing this trial to getting my eating habits in order so that that I can be foucused and motivated with food and all other facets of my life.

My birthday and wedding anniversary are coming up next month. It's tradition in my family that we go out to eat on these occasions so I've been thinking today about how difficult it will be to be in that situation to watch my family eating foods that I still want to eat but I won't be able to. Obviously I could do if I really wanted to but I'm determined to complete the 30 day trial. It will most likely be a good thing, as I'll be forced to confront the situation and will hopefully find out that the experience isn't going to be as bad as I think it will. I've also been thinking that I'll need to wait until I finish the trial until I can go out for a nice meal with my husband. It's obviously early days and I'm still very very attached to my unhealthy, processed diet, I hope by the time I get to the end of the trial that unhealthy, processed foods won't have the same pull. We'll see.

Weight loss

My weight dropped by 1lb to 138.4lbs, net weight loss is 4.4lbs in 5 days. I am really pleased so far and I hope that the weight loss will continue like this until I reach my goal of 123lbs.

What I've eaten today


Smoothie: 750g of bananas & 60g of raspberries


Smoothie: 410g of pineapple & 150g of oranges

This is a really yummy smoothie, Sean's eyes lit up when he had some. LOL


1. 500g of melon 2. Orange red pepper salad: 430g of lettuce, 50g of red pepper, 100g of oranges & 28g of brazil nuts.

I found the salad recipe in the 80/10/10 book by Dr Douglas Graham, I was impressed it was way nicer than I thought it would be and I would definitely have it again.

Raw food diet summary

Today has been another up and down day, I didn't end up having my dinner until about 11.30pm, really late. I ate 430g of lettuce today, I can't believe it, only 3 days ago I was struggling to eat 250g. I actually enjoyed which was another surprise. So far, I'm finding the trial very up and down. But I'm really glad that I'm doing it, and quite proud of myself that I've made it this far. I'm feeling really good about it, as I write this blog and am determined to finish the trial.

My totals for the raw food diet today were as follows: Calories 1872, Fibre 60g, Carbohydrates 433g, Protein 30g and Fats 26g.

My percentage totals for the raw food diet were: Carbohydrates 83%, Protein 6% and Fat 11%.

The days when add nuts into the diet I seem to be just over on my fat percentage but over a week it would be fine as it has been quite low on other days.

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