Raw food diet 30 day trial - Day 10

Although I have a busy Kinesiology practice I also work two nights a week in a bank.   Last Thursday night was the first night I'd worked nights in years without a caffeinated drink, I found it really really hard going but I made it through. I worked again on Friday night and it was a lot easier, today again has been much easier.   Never thought I'd make it through a night without drinking caffeine. During Thursday day I try to get as much sleep as possible so I didn't end up having my breakfast until about 1pm and because I was quite busy today I didn't have lunch until 5pm.   In the pictures they look exactly the same and that's because they are.   Banana smoothie is very quick and a lot of calories so it's quite easy to consume a lot of calories very quickly.   Just what you need when you're in a rush and you haven't eaten.     I didn't have enough time to make my dinner either so I weighed everything at home and then took it work and prepared it in 15 minutes, pretty impressive.   I saved some time by not cutting up the lettuce and just took a leaf of as and when  I was eating it and dipped it into the dressing.

 I definitely didn't drink enough water during the day and although I made up for it this evening, I'm still really Thursday and dehydrated.   By the time I was finished having my dinner which   contained a lot of pineapple my mouth and lips were very dry.   Really important to drink enough water throughout the day.

Weight loss

My weight remained at 136.6, therefore my current weight is still 136.6.   Net weight loss 6.2 lbs in 9 days.

What I've eaten today





Smoothie: 475g of banana





Smoothie: 500g of bananas




1.  600g of pineapple & 250g of clemetine

2. 500g of lettuce, 200g of pineapple, 100g of pineapple & 28g of raw almonds

Raw food diet summary

Feeling quite happy today as I can feel and see that my body shape is changing which is really great as it keeps pushing me to move forward.   Today also made me realise that dinner can be prepared a lot quick than it has been taking me over the last few day which I'm happy about as it was starting to get me down.   I don't really feel health wise or emotionally but I think there are other things that I need to sort out in my life which will help that such as exercising and sleeping more.   I have started exercising and went for a jog twice this week so day by day I'm improving.

My totals for the raw food diet today were as follows: Calories 1621, Fibre 41g, Carbohydrates 377g, Protein 29g and Fats 20g.

My percentage totals for the raw food diet were: Carbohydrates 84%, Protein 6% and Fat 10%.

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