Raw food diet 30 day trial - Day 15

Measured myself today and again I am dissapointed as I thought I had lost a lot more, although I am only taking measurements from 4 places so technically I could have lost weight from other places. Trying to make myself feel better LOL. I hope by next week I'll get some measureable results. Whilst spending time looking at various sites about the law fat raw vegan lifestyle I have read that it is quite usual to be bloated at the beginning due to our bodies needing to cleanse. I hope that this doesn't last too long as I feel it would be quite hard to keep the faith if there is a big belly looking back at me when I feel like I should be seeing a slimmed down version. The amount of people especially ladies that are on a diet is phenominal yet, obesity in the UK is increasing so something is obviously going wrong and something needs to change. Maybe this diet is the change that many people need, I understand it's not the path for everyone and it's not easy but I would like to think that I could keep going on this way of life after the trial. The reality of the situation may be very different especially when you have temptations around every corner.

Weight loss

My weight stayed the same today at 136.4lbs, net weight loss is 6.4lbs in 15 days.


Chest: 33.3 inches, 84.5cm Waist: 33.9 inches, 86cm Abdomen (at widest part): 37 inches, 94cm Hips: 35.8 inches, 91cm

Therefore I have lost 1.5 inches since last week and 1.6 inches in 15 days. Not amazing but at least I've lost a little.

What I've eaten today


Smoothie: 925g of pineapple & 200g of clementines


Smoothie: 925g of banana & 200g of spinach

That was a huge smoothie, it took me long time to drink it.


1. Smoothie: 150g of papaya, strawberries & pineapple 2. 350g of lettuce, 300g of tomatoes, 350g of pineapple & 30g of macademia nuts

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