Raw food diet 30 day trial - Day 16

Early this morning Sean woke up with a high fever and was really uncomfortable so he was crying for a quite a while he eventually got back to sleep after a few hours and didn't wake until 9.45am which is really unusual for him so the day didn't exactly start as planned and from there I was really busy and I didn't end up having any food until about 2pm and that was it for the whole day. Not ideal but I felt fine, wouldn't want to do it regularly though.

Weight loss

I dropped 0.6lbs to 135.8, net weight loss of 8.2lbs in 16 days.

What I've eaten today

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Smoothie: 925g of banana & 100g of spinach

Raw food diet summary

I seem to be getting a little worse with organising the food that I'm going eat each day, I think part of the issue is that I find it much easier to consume such large amounts of food in a smoothie so it doesn't enter my head to take fruit out with me. I will try and make an effort over the next few day to change the way I'm eating a little.

Maybe I'm only making excuses but I seem to find it quite difficult to make sure that Sean is fed and make sure that he's OK and make sure that I'm fed. Maybe it's to do with time management or not going to bed early enough which means that I have to sleep whilst Sean sleep as I'm so tired but it's obviously something I need to look at. It's the main reason I started to eat and drink so much sugary things because I got so hungry as I hadn't looked after myself so I ended up going to a shop and getting the most convenient sweet thing.

Doing the raw food diet has made me realise that I need to look after myself a bit more.

My totals for the raw food diet today were as follows: Calories 846, Fibre 26g, Carbohydrates 215g, Protein 13g and Fats 3g.

My percentage totals for the raw food diet were: Carbohydrates 92% Protein 5% and Fat 3%.

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