Raw food diet 30 day trial - Day 17

It's my Birthday. Wow, I really really wanted to eat as much unhealthy food as I could today especially cake. But I resisted I was good I didn't have anything. I found it difficult though and felt that I couldn't really enjoy my birthday like I wanted by going out for a meal and eating everything I wanted. I had planned to go to a raw food restaurant in London but Sean wasn't a happy bunny today as he's teething so I decided it was better that we didn't go. As I've mentioned I've used food for many years as an emotional crutch, this diet really forces you to confront that problem. I think it will take a long time in order to beat that but if you make sure that you've eaten enough carbohydrates it really helps to fight cravings. I find that I don't have any cravings if I ensure I eat enough carbohydrates.

Weight loss

I have dropped 1.4lbs to 134.4lbs, net weight loss 9.6lbs. That's really amazing I'm quite impressed with that. Can't believe I've almost lost 10lbs.

What I've eaten today


Smoothie: 900g of banana & 250g of strawberry


I didn't actually have any time to have lunch today.


1. 350g of lettuce, 100g of orange, 100g of red pepper and 30g of brazil nuts 2. 300g of mango with 1 tablespoon of lime juice 3. Smoothie: 100g of pineapple & 100g of mango

I'm really sorry about the lack of pictures, unfortunately I'd almost finished the salad before I realised I hadn't taken any photos. But at least you can see that I am really eating the foods. This salad dressing was very yummy.

Raw food diet summary

If you ever decide to try this diet I think it is really important to ensure that you eat enough carbohydrates every day this will help you avoid any cravings and keep you sane. It is also really important that you eat enough calories, although I haven't been doing this. I think I've managed it once, so this is something that I need to work on.

My totals for the raw food diet today were as follows: Calories 1603, Fibre 52g, Carbohydrates 362g, Protein 25g and Fats 26g.

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