Raw food diet 30 day trial - Day 21

Today has been a really good day, I managed to eat lunch at a reasonable time. Still finding it difficult to make sure I look after to myself as well as myson. I find that if I do have a moment I'm running around doing other bits and bobs such as cleaning, washing etc and realise that another 30 minutes has passed and I haven't eaten. In a way I think it's quite strange that such things seem to take priority over me eating which is obviously very important. Also eating too late at night, always have done though so there is no change just because I'm eating a raw food diet. It may be a little later than when I was eating cooked food.

I'm feeling good on the diet, but I don't feel like I have boundless energy or any extra energy. I do put this down to many things though such as I'm not consuming enough calories daily, I don't sleep enough, I don't exercise and I don't drink enough water. I'm sure if I DID all of these things I would feel absolutely amazing. It will be a work in progress in order for me to make these changes.

Weight loss

Unfortunately I forgot the scales therefore I will not be able to add my weight loss for the the next few days

What I've eaten today


350g of bananas & clementines


300g of mangos


400g of lettuce, 150g of cucumber, 100g of tomatoes, 100g of yellow pepper, 110g of avocado & 150g of oranges

Raw food summary

I'm eating to much overt fats such as avocado and nuts. If I managed to eat enough calories I would be OK as I don't manage it I struggle. I really need to try and increase my calorie intake but I'm not sure if I will manage it at the moment. I'm just trying to focus on eating fruit and vegetables every day rather than worrying about the amount of calories that I'm consuming. I feel that once I pass the first 30 days I'll be able to concentrate on the other aspects that I'm not quite managing.

My totals for the raw food diet today were as follows: Calories 1088, Fibre 40g, Carbohydrates 239g, Protein 19g and Fats 21g.

My percentage totals for the raw food diet were: Carbohydrates 79% Protein 6% and Fat 15%. 

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