Raw food diet 30 day trial - Day 24

I really struggled today, I just felt starving and didn't have the time to sort out some food for myself. It has made me realise that when I stop the 30 day trial I am going to find it hard on this path. I was so tired today whilst I was driving and I was thinking how easy it would be to go into a shop and get something caffeinated and some chocolate to give me a quick boost. I feel like I don't get the same quick boost from anything else but this could be psychological rather than really how I feel.

Weight loss

My weight increased today by 0.4lbs to 131.2lbs, net weight loss 11.6lbs in 24 days.

What I've eaten today


Smoothie: 350g of banana & 50g of spinach


350g of Clementines


1. Salad - 350g of lettuce, 100g of tomatoes, 150g of cucumber and 90g of avocado 2. 400g of mango and a tablespoon of lime juice

Raw food summary

I'm not eating enough calories or carbohydrates, according to Durianrider I should be eating 10g of carbohydrates per 1kg of my current weight. Therefore I should be eating 600g of carbohydrates, that is a lot, I struggle to get enough food in now. I will try and increase my carbohydrate intake, but I think it's going to take some time.

My totals for the raw food diet today were as follows: Calories 1122, Fibre 41g, Carbohydrates 255g, Protein 19g and Fats 18g.

My percentage totals for the raw food diet were: Carbohydrates 81% Protein 6% and Fat 13%.

I apologise for my lack of photos today, unfortunately my phone died therefore I was unable to take any photos.

Raw food diet 30 day trial - Day 25

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