Raw food diet 30 day trial - Day 27

I've been feeling really emotional today, been crying on and off a lot. Really wanted to eat anything and everything fatty that I could get my hands in. But I didn't, I feel happy that I didn't but don't feel any better but not that the fatty food would make me feel any better anyway. I guess that when you take the food away you have to face the emotions that you use the food to cover up. It's all part of the journey to better healthy and happiness.

Weight loss

My weight has increased by 1.2lbs to 131.4lbs, net weight loss 11.4lbs in 27 days.

What I've eaten today


400g of melon


1. 100g of mixed leaves 2. 600g of clementines


1. 350g of mangos 2. 550g of bananas & 150g of spinach

Raw food summary

Been a difficult day but I got through it. I'm not really feeling any differently after 27 days on the raw food diet but if I wasn't on the raw food diet I would definately be feeling depressed because I would have eaten a lot of the wrong food. I believe that a big part as to why I don't feel too different is because I'm not drinking enough water and I'm definately not sleeping enough. I'm going to go to bed before midnight tonight which is the first time in a very long time. Sweet dreams.

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