Raw food diet 30 day trial - Day 6

Day 6 and still going strong, I always find that when I'm writing these blogs at the end of my day it's so much easier to look back at the day in a positive light as I've completed another day of this trial. I still find the days quite trying at times but I think if I could manage to be a bit more organised then it wouldn't be so difficult. More organised when it comes to shopping, possibly planning out a weeks worth of meals so that I know what to buy and I know what I'm going to have each day. Rather than wasting time daily, especially when I'm hungry trying to figure out what I can do with the foods that I have and realising at the last minute that I don't have what I need. My goal for next week is to organise myself.

Feeling really stuffed at the moment, which would be fine if it wasn't so late. Should really be going to bed but don't like going to bed on a really full stomach. I guess if I reach my goal for next week this shouldn't be happening.

Weight loss

My weight  increased by 0.6lb to 139lbs, net weight loss is 3.8lbs in  6 days.  

What I've eaten today












1. Smoothie: 550g of bananas & 150g of blueberries

2. 150g of banana & 150g of figs

I didn't really enjoy the figs and I thought I would but I have a feeling I prepared them incorrectly.   I wasn't sure if I could eat the skin or not so I had a look online and saw that people advise that it was possible so I could liquidised them with the skin but it just didn't taste very nice.   Will try just the juicy bit inside next time.



1. Tomato and Peach soup: 200g of tomatoes & 200g of peaches

2. 500g of galia melon

I thought I'd try making a different soup but unfortunately I didn't like it, not as disgusting as the broccoli soup that I had on day 4 though which I'm thankful for.   Not sure if I could go through that again LOL


1. 100g of grapes

2. 1 clementine


1. Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber and Pistachio salad: 400g of Lettuce, 250g of tomatoes, 230g of cucumber and 28g of pistachio nuts

2. Smoothie: 300g of mangos & 275g of peaches. Absolutely delicious, I didn't realise how tasty mangos were.

3. 300g of mangos with a tablespoon of lime juice

Feeling totally stuffed, was a little difficult to finish the salad as there just so much of it.   A whole head of lettuce, still shocked I manage to eat it all.

Raw food diet summary

I feel really good each day when I come to write this blog, knowing that I have completed another day of this trial.   Amazing, I'm really pleased.   Not feeling any better about my body though, but I guess it's only early days.   I really hope that I do manage to lose a little weight as it will inspire me to keep going.

Like any lifestyle change there are ups and downs but we just have to keep pushing against the negativity be that within ourselves or from other people.   Luckily my husband has been really supportive which has made it a little easier he's tried a few of the things that I've made. :-)   I'm my own worst enemy so I'm trying to change that right now by giving this trial a go.   I feel like I'm improving daily but also worried that I'm going to throw all my hard work in my face at the end of the trial.   Only time will tell.

My totals for the raw food diet today were as follows: Calories 1906, Fibre 60g, Carbohydrates 448g, Protein 36g and Fats 21g.

My percentage totals for the raw food diet were: Carbohydrates 84%, Protein 7% and Fat 9%.

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