Raw food diet 30 day trial - Day 7

Can't believe it, this is day 7 of my raw food diet 30 day trial. No chocolate, fizzy carbonated drinks or cooked food for 7 days. I'm not actually missing chocolate which is really amazing, also not missing the fizzy drinks   too much as I've had some amazing smoothies. One thing I do miss is the cooked foods, being able to prepapre something pretty quick that will fill you up and the feeling of eating some warm food.   It was really cold in my flat tonight and all I could think about was having some warm food, but I didn't give in. Yay As I mentioned in yesterday post my goal for the coming weel was become more organised so I was woken  up this morning to the dolcet tones of my son crying like every other morning but today I planned out what I was going to eat for the day, went to the shop to ensure that I had everything and then went for a jog with Sean in his pram. I managed 30 minutes all in all, 5 minutes jogging and then 1 minute walking. Not too bad, it's a start. Planning on going again tomorrow.

This afternoon my husband, Sean and myself went to Notting Hill carnival.   So much going on everywhere, lots of fun, had some yummy coconut water and mango whilst my husband had some rice and chicken.     I didn't want any of the chicken but it seems a lot easier at the moment to choose that over fruits and veg but I guess that because I'm just starting out and it's a steep learning curve.  

Before I started this trial I had reduced the amount of meat that I was cosuming considerably.   I watched most of a documentary called Earthling, really informative but really hard to watch. It was so difficult to watch that I've had to watch it in two goes and I still haven't finished.   I cried through most of it, you might wonder why I put myself through it.   Even though it was totally traumatic I think it's important to know what you're eating, no where it comes from.     Nowadays we just go to a supermarket buy meat that's packaged without really know ing what it has been through to provide us with food.   The documentary definatley opened up my eyes  so much so  I was hardly eating any meat before the trial.

As well as starting to exercise today I have tried to increase my  water intake, I was drinking about 1.5 lites a day but I don't think it was enough.   Today I drank about 3 litres, but feel that I could have drank quite a bit more, so will increase that tomorrow.

Weight loss

My weight  has stayed the same today at  139lbs, net weight loss is 3.8lbs in  7 days.   I'm going to measure myself, every Tuesday so tomorrow is the first day.   Hopefully there will be a little difference.

What I've eaten today



Smoothie: 800g of banana & 100 of romaine lettuce

 I would never have thought that this would be a good combination but it was, it tasted pretty good and Sean loved it as you can see from his little green moustache.   He just kept coming back for more.   Cute.


450g of plums

Afternoon snack

 1. 200g of mango

2. 200ml of coconut water























1. 225g of peach and 220g of blackberries

2. Berry Green Soup: 150g each of blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and romaine lettuce.

3. Crushed Berry Salad: 200g of spinach, 100g of tomatoes, 100g of cucumber, 100g of blackberries, 75g of raspberries & 100g of peaches.

Raw food diet summary

If you've been following the trial you'll know that I've tried two other soup and pretty much hated them.   This is the first one that was actually passable although it was quite bitter.    When I put all of this in front of me, I couldn't believe it the amount of food that I was supposed to eat.   I never thought I'd get through it especially the spinach I've never eaten that much before.   The picture doesn't show the enormity of that sald, I've never eaten more than a few leaves.   It was a really challenge for me and I felt a little depressed, I was thinking what am I doing this diet for???   But looking back now that I'm writing the blog to finish off the day, it doesn't seem so bad.
My totals for the raw food diet today were as follows: Calories 1818, Fibre 95g, Carbohydrates 443g, Protein 39g and Fats 12g.
My percentage totals for the raw food diet were: Carbohydrates 87%, Protein 8% and Fat 5%.


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