Raw food diet 30 day trial - Day 8

Woke up this morning feeling absolutley exhausted, so I had to go back to bed when my son did a few hours later.   Slept for about 2 hours but I was still quite tired,  once I had my smoothie I was ready to face the day.   I had a great Kinesiology session this afternoon and looked forward to the day ahead but from there I went downhill.   Not sure what happened as spent the rest of the day feeling quite depressed and wishing that I had some chocolate, feeling pretty tired as I'm writing this blog and hope that someone will find it useful.

Weight lost

My weight has dropped by 1.2lbs to 137.8, net weight loss 5lbs in 8 days.

I also measured myself today but I was  very dissapointed.

Chest: 34.2 inches 86.8cm Waist: 34 inches 86.5cm Abdomen (at widest part): 37 inches 94cm Hips: 36.2 inches 92cm

Therefore I have lost 0.1 inches all in all, I will do a chart at the end of the trial so that we can see the difference week by week.

What I've eaten today


  Smoothie: 800g of banana & 200g of lettuce



1. 475g of pineapple & 200g of clementines

2. Celery red pepper soup: 200g of tomatoes, 175g of celery and 200g of red peppers

Again another soup which I didn't really like, think I may need to give the soups a break as I'm really not enjoying them.  



 1.  425g of oranges & 390g of pineapple

2.Orange Avocado Slaw: 200g of celery, 200g of cabbage, 275ml of orange juice & 100g of avocado


Raw food diet summary

Feeling a little fed up this evening and part of  reason I feel like this is that it took 1 hour 15 minutes to prepare dinner.   It's not  like when you make a cooked  meal  in that although it may take 1hr 15 minutes to be ready you were probably able to get on with other things whilst it was cooking but I was weighing, cutting, slicing, grating and juicing various bits and bobs for my dinner.   Also it takes me about 1  hour to eat the salad so dinner has taken up all of my evening.   Because dinner takes so long I don't end up finishing eating until quite late and I feel that this is not helping my weight loss as it must be a little difficult to digest all of that foods late at night.

I  have been using the recipes in the 80/10/10 diet book by Dr  Douglas Graham but I may need to try something else  or do something a little differently.   One of the reasons that I'm using recipes  is to  force myself to try foods that I thought I would  dislike raw.   Most of the time the foods are much better than I thought they would be but some are pretty much how I thought they'd be...disgusting.    

My totals for the raw food diet today were as follows: Calories 1818, Fibre 81g, Carbohydrates 501g, Protein 37g and Fats 23g.

 My percentage totals for the raw food diet were: Carbohydrates 85%, Protein 6% and Fat 9%.

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