Raw food diet 30 day trial - Day 9

Had a lovely lie in this morning, can't remember when that last happened.   Felt so much better when I woke up, still tired but much better.   Not feeling as down today as I was yesterday but still ended up eating late and still spent about an hour preparing my food.   Hopefully I'll get a bit  quicker at this, unless I buy myself a food processor before that time.   I don't think I will get one though at this moment in time.   My shopping bill is much higher than it was before I was on the diet.   I definitely didn't appreciate that before I started it, I am now mainly eating conventional foods.   Not great but they are the most economical at this moment in time.   Planning to visit an organic wholesaler next week so this may change. Today I went out with my Mum to an Indian restaurant the food smelt so yummy, I would have loved to  have some but at the same time I didn't find it diffcult not to have any.   Hurray.    

I love bread....I love it LOL so today I bought some bread for my husband.   I had to hide it away because I couldn't stand looking at it or smelling it.   LOL

At the moment I don't find that it is difficult to avoid the foods I know I shouldn't have but that may be different if I wasn't doing the 30 day trial.   If knew I could never have them I may feel very differently and it may be a lot harder to avoid those foods.    I have no idea if I'm going to continue being 100% raw after the trial is over.   At the moment I feel like I would like to aim for 2 meals a day raw but that may change tomorrow.   I'll only know how I feel after the 30 days is over.

Weight loss

My weight has dropped by 1.2lbs to 136.6, net weight loss 6.2lbs in  9 days.

What I've eaten today















Smoothie: 425g of banana & 60g of strawberries







The following measurements are a bit of a guess, this was the only thing that I could get in the Indian Restaurant.   As you can probably imagine it didn't keep me full for very long.

Afternoon snack

Smoothie: 450g of bananas









1. Smoothie: 400g of pineapple & 5oz of orange juice

2. 350g of mango & a tablespoon of lime juice

3. Salad: 500g of lettuce, 200g of   orange, 100g of red pepper and 20g of brazil nuts

Raw food diet summary

So far, the diet is going better than I thought it would, 9 days in and going strong.     Still not drinking enough water but I will try and increase it every day.  

My totals for the raw food diet today were as follows: Calories 1896, Fibre 60g, Carbohydrates 451g, Protein 30g and Fats 21g.

My percentage totals for the raw food diet were: Carbohydrates 85%, Protein 6% and Fat 9%.

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