Triathlons and Transformation

Although it is not over yet, 2013 has been an amazing year with lots of positive things going on in my life. It hasn't been easy but it has been full :-D One of those things is Triathlons. You may or may not know what a Triathlon is but just in case you don't it's a sport where you swim, cycle and run one after the other.

For some crazy reason for many years I wanted to do a Triathlon, no idea why it was just something I wanted to do. Just so you know, I had never done any competitive sport apart from the odd game of Basketball at school and I was not in a regular exercise routine. I was starting from zero, nothing, nada.

So 2013 was to be my year to give a Triathlon a go, so I signed up for the which took place on 15th June.

Before I signed up I should have considered that I could only swim 25 meters before dying when I signed up to swim 750 meters in a cold lake. Whoops. :)

In 2011 I did a month trial on a raw food diet which I documented on my blog. I felt amazing and my skin looked great but it wasn't sustainable for me as it was expensive to buy so much fresh fruit and vegetables and I missed being able to sit down with my friends and family and being able to enjoy eating the same food that they were eating. Eating out proved to be very difficult unless you want a salad, which isn't always at the top of my favourite foods.












But because I had felt so great I thought that the raw food diet was the optimal diet for me but sticking to the diet proved to be very difficult when I passed the 30 day mark. So had a lot of mental conflict at this time about what I should and shouldn't be eating.

When I stopped eating raw food, I went on a very long binge by the time I had come to terms with what I was doing I found that I had put on 23 lbs in about 14 months. In January this year I had reached 154 lbs, I had never weighed that much apart from when I was pregnant. I know, I know that doesn't count.

Here is a picture of me in November 2012 :(


My beautiful sister in laws wedding












Thankfully in August 2012 I was inspired by a lovely friend to fulfill my dream of doing a triathlon so I signed up for the Sprint Distance which was 750 meter swim, 20 KM Cycle and 5 KM at the Blenheim Palace Triathlon.

In February this year after putting it off and putting it off (I'm the Queen of Procrastination) I finally started to train and slowly but surely, I managed to increase the amount of lengths that I could swim without stopping.

In May I did a training day with RG Active which was amazingly helpful although very scary during the swim.

Whilst doing swim drills, I just wanted to give up I found it so difficult, I didn't think I could manage to complete the session. I was just waiting for someone else to go to the jetty and hold on for their dear life so that I could do the same. Luckily no-one gave up which meant that I didn't either, in the end it was OK and I learnt lots of great tips. So the moral of that story is never give up you never know what you may learn even though it seems terrifying at the time.

After this I realized that I needed to get a little more open swim practices but I only had a few weeks until the big day. So I spent a couple of very cold very early mornings in a lake. Crazy. Think I went slightly into shock on one my swims but again I did it. I was starting to realize that maybe I could pull this off even if I happened to be the slowest one to reach the 750 meter mark.

I was so excited and nervous when the day finally arrived, it was such a beautiful day. I wasn't the slowest, I didn't get punched or kicked in the face during the swim and I actually enjoyed. To be honest I loved it.

Woohoo I did it













Overall I did OK, not as good as I would have hoped but I really loved the experience and realized how far I had come from last year.


My little Family









I have now done 3 triathlons, last one being on 15 September 2013. It was a very cold, wet and windy day and I had to say a lot of affirmations so that I could make it through.

Enjoying the cycle at Blenheim and the run during the Eton Dorney Triathon














So onto next year……well I just need to backtrack a little. The night before the last triathlon I couldn't sleep and I'd been watching a YouTube video about manifesting the things that you want so I spent my time laying in bed visualizing the race and that I would be in the top 3 out of all of the ladies. I wasn't in the top 3 LOL but I was 6th in my age group and 39th out of about 120 ladies so not too bad. So now I feel that I've actually done it, even though I haven't. So that is what I'm aiming for next year, that's a pretty tall order but why not.

Loving my transformation in 2013, if you want to talk about your personal journey or transformation please don't hesitate to get in touch.

I am offering a free breakthrough session to all new clients so that you can find out how can I support and guide you. We can do this over the phone or Skype so you don't even need to leave the comfort of your own home. Especially in this cold weather.

If you planted a field of tulips, would you wonder why roses didn't grow?

It's been a long time coming.....