Where have you been hiding?

Oh gorgeous one

Where have you been hiding?

Why are you hiding?











Maybe you've been hiding behind food, alcohol, drugs, clothes, material things and the list goes on.....You have suppressed the real you for far too long, that you don't even know how to reach that person any more apart from maybe when you have a drink or two and then suddenly there you are.

Where did she come from, where was she hiding?

Now is the time to strip back the layers, the years, the memories of someone telling or making you feel that you just weren't good enough.

Look within find out what doesn't serve you and throw it away.  Just like a pair of jeans that just don't suit you any more.

We were born perfect with access to untold information and wisdom we just forgot the access code.

Journal, meditate, exercise, eat good wholesome food plus anything else that you need to strip back those layers piece by piece to be reunited with the person you were born to be.

Come out from wherever you've been hiding.











Sisters let's shine

Connecting to my truth

Focus on you