Biodegradable Glitter


I am so excited that during the Goddess Conference Week 31st July - 5th August I will be selling a specially blended Moon Maiden Glitter which has been created with so much love for you and for the Planet.

Have you ever thought about where all of the beautiful, shiny glitter that has been used over the years has gone?  A lot of if will have ended up in our beautiful oceans.  As most glitter is PET based which means that its a micro plastic and very damaging to Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants.  

This blend has been created with Bioglitter®, which is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic based glitter. It is completely unique and uses plant derived material as it’s basis rather than polyester.  It is certified marine and waste water compostable, vegan and 100% safe for the environment, animals and our oceans

Disclaimer: with some glitter gels the large blue glitter seems to dye the skin a little.  To clean, wash area with soapy water and then brush with a towel.


This glitter can be placed on the skin, eye brows, eye lids, face, lips, roots of the hair, body…the list is endless.

Please note, if putting it on your face apply normal make up first

  1. Dab a small amount of cosmetic glitter glue, clear lip balm, aloe vera gel or even vaseline (may be a little shiny though so you may need to apply more) with a cotton bud (or finger if non available) on the area where you want the glitter.
  2. Use an eye shadow brush, dip it in the glitter.
  3. Carefully dab the glitter onto the area where you have the glue, gel etc.

Please be careful when putting glitter near your eyes, as with any glitter it could cause an irritation if went in your eyes.

If you’re here because you bought some of the glitter, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.  If you see me at the conference come and say Hi and I would love to see you at the Qoya class I’m teaching at 12.30 on Sunday.  Check out my events page for more info. 

I have LOVED creating these blends and would love to continue, if you would be interested in purchasing different blends from me please click HERE and subscribe and I will let you know if I do.